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New Reasons to Purchase the Memory Maker at WDW

A couple of new PhotoPass opportunities have recently popped up that are adding value to the Memory Maker!

Walt Disney World continues to add more and more character animations to some of the still shots that are taken of the guests. However, a couple of the biggest value adders are in the form of new PhotoPass photo opportunities.

If you venture over to the East Plaza Garden in Magic Kingdom, you will find a photographer who will assist you with capturing two one-of-a-kind photos and a super-zoom video from a unique angle above the theme park.

Photo courtesy of Disney
Photo courtesy of Disney

Another addition to the PhotoPass family is courtesy of the Haunted Mansion. Some of the best photos we have are from the rides. It’s always fun to find where the photo is being taken so you can make a funny face or strike a pose in some other way. Well, Haunted Mansion now has a ride photo available! If you have your MagicBand or MagicBand puck with you on the ride, the camera will capture a photo of you in your Doom Buggy and upload it to your My Disney Experience which can be accessed on the Disney World app.

Photo courtesy of Disney

All of these can be purchased individually through My Disney Experience for $16.95 per photo. However, with so many opportunities for quality photos to be taken in so many memorable spots, we always recommend purchasing a Memory Maker package in advance with your trip for $169. It will include all of your ride photos and all of your high quality PhotoPass location photos as well. If you take more than 10 of those (and you will), you come out ahead! We’ve never had anyone regret it.

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