Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How much do you charge to plan a trip?

NOTHING! We charge our clients absolutely nothing to book their trip through us. Our commissions come from the products that we sell. So if we are booking a Disney trip for you, Disney pays us a commission for selling their product. Same thing goes for event tickets, cruises, hotels, etc. So we handle the leg work and the stress, and you have a wonderful time, at no cost to you. How can you beat that!?

Is Disney travel all you do?

No! While the team at Make Mickey Moves certainly loves all things Disney, we also love all types of vacations and travel. From the beach to the mountains, for leisure or business, we have you covered anywhere you want to be. We also put packages together for your favorite events. Concert coming to town that you’d like to see? Your favorite team made it to a bowl game, tournament, or playoffs? We can help put a package together to get you there.

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